Idea & Implementation
An idea is only truly usefull once its implemented. That's what defines us.
We believe in getting things done
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Though our forte is Responsive website and Mobile app development. You can always contact us to have a pep talk about some issue you might be facing with your startup, btw the pep talks are absolutely free ;)

Responsive Website Design

Users are shifting towards a mobile phone as their primary device hence a website must look good on all screens and device sizes

Mobile App Development

Mobile usage is increasing and to stay in the race your product needs a super looking mobile app to compliment it

Backend Development

And finally we need something at the back to do all the heavylifting for your client side websites and apps


Our portfolio is mostly of products we have developed for our startup.


Mobile Game iOS and Android


Mobile App

Huerons Website

Landing page for Huerons game app

Cherish Website

Landing page for Cherish mobile app


Who we are

Honestly, we are a bunch of entrepreneurs ourselves, with a passion for development of new products - interactive web & mobile applications.

Why choose us?

Having a startup of our own helps us understand the problems you might be facing with yours. Also since we are always trying to improve our product it helps us stay updated with the latest technologies and use it on our client projects as well.

Our Amazing Team

Mudit Jaju

Mobile Apps and Games Developer

Mayank Singhania

Server and Backend Developer

Ichchit Agrawal

Marketing and Business Development

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Work or no work, you can always contact us